11 Finch D. River’s Website
void main() {


Hiya! Welcome to my small corner of the world-wide web.
More coming posthaste; check back soon, follow me on Neocities, maybe.

I’ve been cleaning up the CSS, and adding some classic small-web styling; let me know if you find anything that looks out-of-place.

About Me

You stand by a calm green lake surrounded by thick reeds. The sun feels pleasantly warm, gray cygnets bob gently in the water. You become aware of a blue figure waving for your attention and upon hesitantly waving back, they reply with a wide grin and double thumbs-up.

Shout, “Hullo! Who are you?”…

The reply is distant, but clear:
I’m Finch D. River!
I’m 21, Ukonian,
doing very little university work,
programming dumb shit in D, Erlang, Haskell, Racket, + others,
using Emacs running on Void Linux,
recovering from RSI (i.e. using fancy keyboards),
typing at ~140wpm on Dvorak,
listening to music constantly, often from minidiscs,
reading, (not as much as I should, usually nonfiction anyway),
Esperanto-ing (saluton), wanting to use Lidepla (namastee),
swimming, albeit not recently,
learning new things.

You feel that the stranger has overshared somewhat.

Me at a Lake


Please get in contact — fdriver AT posteo DOT net — for any reason, including:

Formatting & Conventions

        (message "Hello, world!")
"Hello, world"

Beach Reading

The weather is lovely, and I decided to enjoy it with a housemate at the beach, rather than through my window. As I left, I picked up my paperback copy of CODE - The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software by Charles Petzold .

It’s a great read already, but something about the beach improves a book. Despite inevitable sand in the spine, the wave sounds mingling with peoplenoise, and a breeze to offset the sun provides a less formal environment than a library, but just as calming. Or maybe I’m just vitamin D deprived.

Chances are, it’s too bright to look at your phone anyway. Try taking a book next time, just in case.

I Program HTML

I once thought of HTML as a data-format written by site/document generators and masochists.

Yet a friend accused me of being quick to judge. What cheek! And so I brushed up on HTML5+CSS3 to prove once again that my opinions are (as usual) perfectly formed now and forever.

Long-story-short, I’ve become pleased with what just a little experimenting (and CSS-selectors) can make. HTML has limitations, but they are healthy if your aim is simple, semantic web documents. It’s been a while since I had my own site, and I decided to start one up as a little passion project.

Please note: I’m no web designer; I’m an internet person trying my best and having fun. Hopefully you will too. At least for now, I aim to hand-write (some of) this site, and make the source as readable (within reason) as the formatted version, bar color.

I’ve been quite heavily inspired by the strong-n-simple designs of websites like Butterick’s Practical Typography, Prog21, and Winestock Webdesign. Plus a little of my own flair, naturally.